Radiator Repair Cave Creek

Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair Cave Creek
In the heat of our desert climate, a vehicle that is overheating can cause serious damage, fast! A healthy radiator is paramount to keep the engine cool. When it is not working properly, the engine can seize up and be destroyed. If your temperature gauge shows that your car is running hot, or you suspect it is overheating, it is important to pull over immediately. Either wait until the car cools down to drive it in for repair, or have it towed in for our radiator repair near Cave Creek. Rory’s Airpark Autotek offers comprehensive radiator inspection and cooling system diagnostics.

During an inspection, our experienced, ASE certified technicians review the condition of the head gasket, belts, and hoses. We test the thermostat to ensure its accuracy and make sure the cooling fan is operational. Whatever the problem is with your cooling system or radiator, we will find it.

Warning signs that you may need radiator repair:

  • Leaking radiator fluid – Look for a greenish fluid left in the spot where the car was parked.
  • Overheating – You will see the heat gauge in your vehicle move into or near the red, or you will see a warning light that indicates excessive heat.
  • The vehicle heats up too fast – The vehicle gets warm much faster when you begin driving than it has before.
  • Steam – Steam is coming from under the hood.

Comprehensive Radiator Repair near Cave Creek

In addition to a quick, accurate diagnosis, we provide our customers with a written estimate. We break down any and all of the items that need to be repaired and we go over them with you, so you understand. We never make suggestions for unnecessary repairs or talk over your head in “shop-talk” to confuse you. With us, you know exactly what is wrong, how it will be fixed, and what it will cost. We pride ourselves on honest, transparent communication.

Keep yourself cool too, along with your car; we also offer excellent AC service you can rely on.

Call now for trusted radiator repair near Cave Creek.