Wheel Alignment Cave Creek

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment not only affects the longevity of your tires, it also impacts your vehicle’s gas mileage—not to mention its safety. Rory’s Airpark Autotek has a state-of-the-art Hunter Hawkeye Elite fully integrated alignment system to measure and balance your car’s alignment with unbeatable precision. Each of our technicians has the specialized training to deliver superior quality wheel alignment near Cave Creek.

Why do you need wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is a necessary part of auto care and ongoing maintenance. The benefits of keeping up with this service include:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved tire longevity
    Wheel Alignment Cave Creek
  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved safety of your vehicle while driving

What are the signs you need wheel alignment?

  • Uneven wear on the tires
  • You feel your vehicle pulling to one side while driving
  • Your steering wheel is not centered when you are driving straight
  • You have just had your tires rotated
  • You have installed new tires
  • It has been a year since your last wheel alignment check

Superior Wheel Alignment near Cave Creek

How often should you get wheel alignment?

An annual wheel alignment check is what is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers (every 12 months or 12,000 miles). This is most often done while getting the tires rotated. Other instances of times when you may want to have the alignment checked include when you have been off-roading or have recently hit or driven over a large object or hole in the road. Potholes, branches in the road, and hitting a curb or parking stop are all common ways of off-setting the alignment of a car.

Bring your car into us for wheel alignment near Cave Creek and keep your vehicle working at its optimal performance. Our certified ASE master technicians have the experience and our shop has the technology to properly align your wheels.

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